When a brain cell gets “sick”, the powerful Phytonutrients from hibiscus form a protective layer around it. This layer makes sure the other brain cells don’t get “infected” and, in the meantime, guards the unhealthy cell until it recovers.

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Recent medical studies conducted on rats demonstrated that garlic may preserve good hearing. Garlic is also known for maintaining a healthy immune system and for its strong Phytonutrients.

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Vitamin B12

Many experts say B12 is the most important vitamin B because it facilitates the regeneration of the cover that protects the brain cells. Without it, the brain cells would be extremely vulnerable to bacteria attacks and toxic substances. Also, there are studies that indicate B12 deficiency causes brain shrinkage and nervous disorders.

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Vitamin B6

B6 is absolutely essential for the brain networks communication, as it helps with the building of neurotransmitters. Without it, the brain cells are not able to transmit the information to the muscles. Lack of B6 can lead to insomnia and tremors.

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Buchu leaves

Buchu leaves are being used to maintain healthy normal blood pressure levels. A balanced blood pressure translates into better brain oxygenation, thus supporting the normal functioning of your nervous system.

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Uva ursi

Uva Ursi is known to support the kidney’s ability to remove toxins and waste. The good functioning of the kidneys translates into the brain and entire nervous system activity, helping you to keep a clear mind.

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C is necessary for the development of all body tissues. That’s why it plays an essential role in making your organism strong enough to support all brain cells activities.

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